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Shed 10 more pounds before my 44th birthday in July
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run in the Arnold expo 5 k run in 2008
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Bradley J. Needleman
Dr. Needleman is a very warm and caring doctor. He cares for you as a person and not just another body to operate on. He allowed me to come back and answered the rest of the questions that I had. He did address the risks of surgery. I would rate Dr. Needleman very high. Both surgical competence and bedside manner is very important. Dr. Needleman was honest and open about the risks of surgery.
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  • Comment by ihenso 7/17/06 5:51 am
    i must say you look good did you have to workout alot how did you get rid of the go girl
  • Comment by Brenda Do 2/28/05 9:25 am
    Dorian - Hope all is well. Congrats on your big day. Sending you good thoughts for a speedy and complication free recovery.
  • Comment by PF 2/27/05 10:11 pm
    Best wishes on your surgery. I hope that your surgery goes smoothly and that your recovery is quick and easy. Please keep us updated after you are home from the hospital. God Bless You!! P
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draeclark's Blog
draeclark's Blog

May 2,2008 OMG 165!!!!!! 3 years out after wls.

posted 5/1/08 11:15 pm
I am weighing a 165 pounds I am over 3 years out and I have not been diligent on what I have been eating and exercising like I should but today is a new day and God's mercies a brand  new every day.  I started out with weighing my food and plan what I am eating for the day.  I have been as low as 147 pounds and kept it off.

I started out with blueberries almonds and cereal for breakfast.  I am starting back with the clean eating and spoke with my dietitian as to how many calories 1200 -1400  that I should be eating becasue of all of the weight training.  Have to do more cardio to burn even more calories.  Less calories in burn more calories.   I have to make sure I get that protein in first veggies fruits. Water vitamins.  Here's to another chance.  Making my mind up to not to be defeated 10 extra pound gain is as far as I am going.  Fighting to shed this weight off and keep it off.

 So I am excited about that I would like to be 145 pounds by my 45th birthday which is July 18th.  I will be in Aruba!!!!!!  Yeah!!!!  Thank you Jesus!!!!

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