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lose at least 150 lbs by my next birthday, Dec 9.
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To be able to shop in a regular department store.
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Get off my blood pressure medications.
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shop in a regular clothing store.
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Fit comfortably in an airplane seat.
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Surgeon Testimonial

Demesvar A. Jean-Baptiste M.D.
Dr. Jean-Baptiste is absolutely professional, a very skilled surgeon, and a real straight-shooter. He doesn't pull punches, but never fails to be polite and concerned while laying it on the line.
Latest Surgery Support Comments

  • Comment by ShellsBells 4/12/07 3:48 pm
    Hey Randy! just popping to say HI and see how you are doing? Pop in sometime and update us all!! *hugs*
  • Comment by Donna R. 3/8/07 4:18 pm
    Good luck Randy. I'll be sending good energy and best wishes for a speedy recovery!
  • Comment by kenINindy 2/28/07 6:35 am
    Good Luck Randy! I hope you come thhrough with flying colors. Keep us posted on how you're doing! Ken
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DrGaellon's Blog
DrGaellon's Blog

Weigh in

posted 7/25/07 11:12 am
Another 3 lbs, for a total of 80.6 in 21 weeks. May not post weights for a couple of weeks, as I have been fired again and no longer have access to an accurate scale.

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