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Donald Waldrep
Dr. Waldrep and his staff are extemely professional and well-organized for the most part. Dr. Waldrep is very relaxed and easy to talk to. He has a bit of a dry sense of humor, which I love, and is also a bit silly as well. But, always professional. His PA, Mike, is also quite personable and easy to talk to. And again, silly and has an easy sense of humor. I think that a sense of humor is essential when in a doctor/patient relationship, as it takes the formalness out of the situation and makes it easier to feel free to talk openly with those providing care to you. rnThe before and aftercare programs are first rate and ultra important in their practice. Dr. Waldrep's office has a great relationship with Sutter Roseville Hospital and they definately work hand-in-hand to ensure the best possible results for their patients. Dr. Waldrep and his office staff are quite open with regard to discussing risks and requirements of weight loss surgery. rnDr. Waldrep is a fabulous surgeon with an impecable record of successes, and an amazingly low rate of complications.His bedside manner is easy going and comfortable. I don't have a single complaint about the care that he or his staff have provided for me.
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  • Comment by Lorraine (Laurie) C. 2/2/07 7:46 am
    Hi Suzanne, I hope everything went well . Here's wishing you a speedy recovery. Congrats and best wishes. Horray for you !!!!!!!
  • Comment by Eggface 1/30/07 6:56 am
    What a way to start the new year with a new you! Sending prayers for a speedy recovery. May all your dreams come true by this time next year. ~Michelle (MV)
  • Comment by WIBlueyes 1/29/07 10:00 pm
    Suzanne-I just wanted to let you know that you will be in my thoughts and prayers for an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery!!! Take Care!
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Don't mind me...
I'm just rambling...

What a difference 4 days can make

posted 1/9/10 5:18 pm
Today I can say I *almost* remember what normal feels like.

I have driven my car twice in two days and have actually completed a few small errands.  I am cooking, doing some dishes, some laundry, and a few various household chores without too much effort or negative fall-out.
I was even supposed to attend a potluck/family game night with some friends tonight, but between my fatigue, though that is slowly getting better, and my daughters injured night was a no go. Maybe next time.

My incisions are healing without incident...that is an awesome thing! Even the incisions under my breasts are healing nicely and are barely staining a piece of guaze after 24 hours.  I am, however, able to report feeling the first shift of my left breast implant. What a bizarre feeling! I'll be glad to have the girls settled and stationary.

My garment is drying my skin and causing a fair amount of itchiness...that is not a good thing, but nothing a giant slather of lotion can't lessen a bit. It will be so wonderful to be able to choose to wear this compression garment rather than being required to wear it. Only 3 weeks + 2 days to go!!

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