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Tim Eldridge
When I first met Dr. Eldridge I was of course nervous, but courageous and I hung on every word he said, like my life depended on it. He looked me right in the eye when he spoke and was very straight-forward with me about the risks and benefits of the surgery. My first impression of his office suite it was inviting, peaceful, comfortable, and well decorated. The office staff was professional and nice, but lacked flare and personality - maybe it was one of those days. Dr. Eldridge is a very good surgeon with a lot of experience and with a great temperment. I wished that I had attended the seminar, which would have made my experience complete. But, I just knew he was the surgeon for me. I was very confident that I was definitely in good hands and that's all that matters. I am even pleased with the aftercare and the maintance phase of the band. God is good!!!

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