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Jorge Acosta
My first impression of Dr. Acosta was that of a surgeon who has a lot of experience, he conducted himself in a very professional manner and was very understanding of my situation. He was very thorough he asked all the questions that a Dr. should ask. I was not sure as to what procedure I wanted to do. I wanted to do the lap band at first but then there was the RNY which sounds wonderful because the weight comes off faster but more risk. He told me that I would do well with either one and at first I leaned towards the RNY, but then lol at the last minute I changed my mind, and opted for the banding instead. Dr. Acosta did not get upset in any way and was very understanding of my feelings about each one. His office is very friendly, Deborah and Becky are wonderful, any time that I had a question they called me back within a day. Deborah has had WLS as well and is very understanding. Dr. Acosta makes you do your part so if you think you can get one over on him don’t even try lol I learned that the hard way. I adore him simply because he did not allow me any excuses which made me realize that I still had some work to do on myself. I would rate Dr. Acosta an A++ for competence and bedside manner. I look forward to my aftercare and I know that I am in good hands.
fairy_kissez's Blog
fairy_kissez's Blog

2 Months

posted 6/3/09 1:53 am
Ok two months down and 28 lbs down, and I know I need a fill. I thought that so full feeling would last forever, and frankly it is frustrating. I'm not eating nearly what I did before and it feels like the scale is still punishing me. No I didn't expect to lose weight over night but with such a drastic change in my diet I thought I would be further along. 28 lbs is good, but the biggest frustration is the fluctuations in my weight from day to day, it drives me crazy. I don't eat bread, rice or pasta at all. I make sure to get my protein first and if there is room then I will have a veggie. I can eat up to a cup of food and that's why I figure I need a fill. Before I had my last fill and was in that "hell" phase I made sure to not eat more then 1/2 cup, now it seems like I'm pushing it and maybe that's why I'm not losing anything. Who knows..UGH don't it make you want to scream at the top of your lungs!!! I have a fill scheduled next week thank god and hopefully I will get to some sort of restriction, I have some just not enough....oh where oh where are you sweet spot!!!!

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