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William Johnson
GREAT young Dr. that is a pleaseure to talk to and he kept it real at all times. I appreciated the fact that he didn't sugar coat anything when speaking with me. I've only met him once so far, but first impression are what matters the most. The office staff is very pleasant and helpful. If you are considering Dr. Johnson and his staff know that they are very detailed oriented and will make sure all the I's are dotted and the T's are crossed before submitting to your insurance. The y stress that you attend support group meetings before and after surgery. rnrnWill update later about his surgical competence & bedside manner.
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  • Comment by Irishcoda 4/9/09 5:50 am
    Hi, I saw that you're having surgery today and just wanted to wish you well for a smooth procedure and a very speedy recovery! :)
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firstloveee2000's Blog
firstloveee2000's Blog


posted 5/28/09 11:23 pm
I have had my first fill and things couldn't be better. Since my fill on Tuesday I have lost another 3 pounds.  I have only had two episodes since my band was placed and that was because I wasn't focusing while eating and the other was because I let my grits stiffen up and they got stuck.  Other than that I have been able to eat just fine.  Since my surgery I have lost 23lbs and from my heaviest a total of 60lb. I still have a long way to go, but with me continuing to put GOD first I know I will make my goal weight.  How is your journey going OH FAM?

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