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James Ku, M.D.
Dr. Ku was awesome. He was direct and right to the point. He made my surgery date right away! The staff is always very sweet. I highly recommend going to him!
Member Interests
  • Family & Friends - I am very close to my family and friends!
  • Fitness & Exercise - I work P/T at Gold's Gym!
  • Travel - I've traveled all over the U.S., and I plan on going more!
  • Dogs - Min Pin and a Lhasa Apso/Chihuahua mix
  • Meeting People - I love to meet new and exciting people! There is always room for another friend!
  • Outdoor - Me and my Boyfriend,Brad, Love to Kayak along the Yellow Breeches
  • Amusement Parks - I love them, but it's shamefull when you can't fit on a ride :o(
  • Reptiles - We have over 34 reptiles from Turtles, Tortoises, Monitors and Iguanas
  • Married - Getting Married on September 21st, 2006!
  • Flea Markets - Every Sat and Sun when I get a chance, it's lots of fun!

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  • Comment by Medgurl1 9/25/06 4:35 am
    Hi, my name is Lisa, im originally from Lancaster, York area, but we are in the Army so we are located in Louisiana right now, i just wanted to say that your, profile is awsome!!!...I love how you sketched out your 9-days pre-op, and going out of my mind because my hubby gets to come home from Afghanistan to be with me, and just seeing how hes gonna take this all in,'ve given me some great ideas to spruce up my profile, and let everyone see me into my journey, you look flippin great!!!...i would never know it was the same person even after your 2 months post-op photo!!....your very beautiful!!...anyway , your pro' is awsome, and ill keep in touch with you, to let you know how im doin' if thats okay....Thanks, Lisa Kauffman
  • Comment by kittcat mom 7/5/06 8:49 am
    Congratulations on your engagement! Best wishes to you both!
  • Comment by brokenwingsfly 6/2/06 3:31 am
    Hey Honey! I got your message! I just wanted to tell you that you are Beautiful! I cant wait to get to where you are!!
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FromBBWtoSBW's Blog
FromBBWtoSBW's Blog

December 2006

posted 12/6/06 11:01 pm
December 7th, 2006:

Hi everyone.  My Anorexia is getting better.  The pills they put me on are really helping!  I am happy all the time.  I still really watch what I eat and make better food choices.  I am not starving myself anymore.  But I am watching my calories and upping my protein!

I got a Part Time Job at Gold's Gym.  I start tonight (December 7th).  I CAN NOT WAIT! I will be working behind the front counter.  I am signing up memberships, making protein shakes, helping customers.  I can not wait.  I know being around all those healthy people will be good for me.

I have some new pictures.  You can tell I am a twig, but I am happy!

Till next time! Love yah all!!

This is me and my Godson Zack.  He JUST TURNED 6!  BIG BOY HUH?  We are at my Companies Bowling Party.




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