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Marina Kurian
She is AMAZING! I've known her since 2001 when she was at Lenox Hill where I had my RNY with a different surgeon. When I came to an info session in 2010, seeking a revision, the first thing she said to me, was "I remember you" and then when I told her how much I gained back she replied "you are still beautiful". Worried about what I was to do, DS, RNY-RNY or a BOB, she guided me thru the process to the BOB. She knew my weaknesses (wine) and my strengths (exercise) and gave me the information and knowledge to make a educated decision. I went with the BOB. When my Mom, who was totally supportive with the RNY in 2002, objected, Dr. K spoke to her on the phone, answering all her questions. The night before my surgery, I spoke with her on the phone and she reassured me of my decision. Today, I am 4 mos out, have restriction back and down over 40lbs, and I am 16lbs to goal. Dr. Kurian has been as advertised as I knew she would be.
Latest Surgery Support Comments

  • Comment by HAILEY 3/7/06 7:06 am
    Hi Heather, Just wanted to wish you luck on your PS today hope all goes well and recovery is quick! You'll have to post updated pictures as soon as you feel upto it! Again good luck and speedy recovery!
  • Comment by GF 8/18/05 12:37 pm
    Happy 3rd Anniversary Hottie!!! Has it been 3 years? You have been through 3 lifetimes in the past 3 years. Know that I am always proud of you for kicking this surgery's butt, and mine too when I was being wimpy! We have to get together soon! Miss Ya, XOXOX Gabriela
  • Comment by Bernadette H. 12/18/04 1:49 am
    Hi HEather! Just read your page! You are soooo good at updating!!! I went to my page and just saw I have not updated my page in over a year!!!!!!!! I will be soon! But checked up on others who had posted to my page. YOU ARE DOING GREAT!!!! I just wanted to say HI! and YOU GO GIRL!!!!!
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