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begin to play competitive golf again.
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get promoted by the end of the year.
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Surgeon Testimonial

Daniel R. Baker M.D.
1) My first impression was that Dr. Baker was a little \"out of it\".rn2) He turned out to be the most detailed and perfect surgeon I could have ever asked for. I was 413 and 6\"3 when I had the open RnY and he left me with a 5 inch scar, which is unbelievable, and no pain at all. I am writing this 2 months out and I have not had 1 complication and I have lost a total of 119 pounds.rn3) The staff at Unity is unbelievably helpful and committed to seeing that each patient be a sucess and succeed with this surgery.rnrnI would highly reccomend having your surgery with this surgeron as he and his staff have a very thorough pre-op and post-op program that if followed will lead you to the promise land.
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  • Computers & Internet - I am in the technology field and have worked as a PM, BA, and Manager.
  • Travel - I love to travel especially to locations in South America and Europe.
  • Spanish - I speak and write fluently in Spanish.
  • Golf - I was a scratch player back in the day...went to college on a golf scholarship.
  • X Box - Love my xbox...Madden and NCAA '07
  • Hispanic/Latino - I am half european and half hispanic...I know that is some mix.

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  • Comment by CRICKET693 1/11/07 7:18 pm
    Im so Jealous of you I can't beleave you already lost over 100 lbs in 2 months !! Keep up the good work . You'll have that other 100 off in no time! You better get your self a body guard to keep all the ladies of!! :)
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hmeijer's Blog
hmeijer's Blog

3 Month Post-Op
February 9, 2007 4:06 am
So on Tuesday February 6th it was my 3 month post-op appointment and I went to visit my nurse and I was down 154 pounds from my start weight of 443. A big accomplishment in 3 months time. My fear was that I might be losing too fast, and the nurse did caution that some patients suffer from malnutrition because their bodies go into such great shock during the weight loss period. I am really excited and happy about the progress that I have made and hope to continue on the losing path. My goal weight is 220, and at first I thought that would be a longshot and a 1-2 year process to attain, but I am now thinking this might happen a lot sooner than I expected, which is a good thing, but I also understand its going to mean that my maintenance period would kickoff a lot sooner than expected and from what  I understand this is a very tough phase as well. Anyways, I am enjoying the change and the comments being received.
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Broke the 300 lbs Barrier
January 29, 2007 11:41 am
As of this morning I weighed in at 298 signalling the first time in a long *ss time that I weighed under 300 pounds. This marks a major milestone accomplished in my journey. Only 78 more to go to get to my goal weight of 220.
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1/11/07 Update
January 10, 2007 11:51 pm

So this morning I weighed in at 320 making my BMI be "Severly Obese" instead of "Morbidly Obese" which is a big win for me. So quickly its been 2 months and 5 days since my surgery and I have lost a total of 123 pounds (93 pounds since the surgery). I have no complaints so far and deep down I wish I would have made the decision to do this sooner. But I have come to the conclusion that we all deserve a big pat on our backs because the surgery is a tool, and its not a sure thing. You have to really work your butt off in order to achieve results. Anyways, talk to you all later.

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My Story

My story is that I am 29 years old, originally from the Dominican Republic with a Dutch father and a Puerto Rican/American mother...thus the European name for a kid who grew up in the Caribbean. Anyways, I had always been somewhat of an athlete played all sports during high school and of course loved to eat. Unfortunately when I went away to college my active lifestyle playing sports was drastically reduced and I began to pack on extra pounds that I didn't necessarily need, as I was already weighin in at about 280-290 when I graduated high school. I do have a big body frame as I am 6'3 and "big-boned" that another word for fat?...Anyways, 7 years after graduating college and living in South Florida (yeah!!! South Beach) I moved to the North pursuit of a great career opportunity with a major corporation. I had been one to never really go to the doctor plus I had gotten tired of scales not being able to read my weight, but when I arrived to Minnesota something came over me and had me go to a full physical and to my suprise the doctor I had chosen as my primary low and behold had a scale that could weigh me. To my suprise and trust me I was so suprised that my jaw dropped to the floor when I saw my weight of 443. I couldn't fathom being that obese...I must have been in denial. I never really had any health complications or phsychological issues with being obese...or maybe I was just good at downplaying it, but at that moment I knew that something had to be done because I was out of control. So I quickly inquired on a Bariatric Surgeon and my primary referred me to Dr. Dan Baker (the most awesome surgeon around) and my journey began sometime in April of 2006 @ 443. I went through all of the paperwork, appointments, etc...and my surgery date was scheduled for 11/6/2006. As I am writing this it is 2 months since my surgery and I am at 323. So I have dropped a whopping 120 pounds since the process started and 90 since the surgery. I consider myself very lucky in that the process has been a smooth one and I have yet (knock on wood) gotten sick or felt any of the side effects.

My Weight Chart:
Weight Chart