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hotred1's Blog
hotred1's Blog

19 Days Post op

posted 3/27/10 7:40 am

Wooohoooo! I'm 19 days post op and I am feel better than I have in a while.  First of all I officially have 27lbs gone from my body forever, and never realized just how great it feels to lose weight and be able to say that it is gone forever! Thank you Jesus!  I always thought that i was happy and excited and enjoyed the life I lived, but now I've kicked that up about 10 levels and I am hype! 
No one ever said that being banded would be easy and it is definitely a learning process, but I have decided that I will be the master of my band. I've set mini goals for myself to accomplish each month and incentives for myself when I accomplish them. 
I just know that God is good all the time and I thank him for blessing me with this opportunity to become a healthier person.  I thank you all for your encouragement and your inspiration.  2010 is my year to shine!

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