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hotred1's Blog
hotred1's Blog

1st Fill

posted 4/22/10 10:14 am

Hey everybody I got my first fill today and just wanted to let you guys know that it was excellent.  I found out that I have a 10cc band and that it was primed with 2.5cc's during the surgery.  Today my surgeon added another 2cc's giving me a total of 4.5cc's in my 10cc band.  I can't say just yet if I have any restriction. I tolerated water just fine and have 3 days of liquids, 1 day of soft foods and then I'm back to my regular diet.
I almost past out when I saw how large the needle was, but thank God I didn't feel one thing.  He found the port numb the area and found the spot on the first try.  I did gain 2lbs since my last visit, but all in all I'm down a total of 21lbs in 6 weeks.  Not too shabby.  I'm doing kick boxing and love it...can't wait to get there tonight and step it up a notch or two.

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