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Love Myself
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buy sexy lingerie at Victoria's Secret.
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exercise at least 3-5 times a week
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Buy clothes at a regular store...not a plus size store.
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Member Interests
  • Fitness & Exercise - I would like to take up runnning and get more physical fit
  • Travel - Would love to have my 40th on the Oasis Cruiseline
  • Support Groups - I belong to 2 groups that focus on Personal Development

Latest Surgery Support Comments

  • Comment by vlo1823 4/7/10 7:22 am
    You are in my thoughts and prayers today!
  • Comment by jwyatt007 4/6/10 5:33 pm
    Congrats and Good Luck Hope you have a speedy recovery!
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imacvyvr's Blog
imacvyvr's Blog

Day 5, is this normal?

posted 3/24/10 8:08 am
I am so FREAKIN tired!  Is this normal? It feels like I'm "here", just here! I've been taking my vitamins, B12s, getting in my protein, etc...  

Now that I think about it. I had my therapist appt yesterday (non-WLS) and she brought some things to my attention. That through me off track big time . But her point was valid. After I thought about it, I realized my mom responds in the same fashion; "I Get It From my Moma" (the song) ha haaaa. Anyway, after I left her office I was very frustrated and confused. AND wanted to EAT! Yes, I wanted FOOD, alot of IT!!! I called a friend who has the same therapist and she knew how I felt b/c she had to go through the same process. By the way, I HAVE TO KEEP A FREAKIN JOURNAL  on my feelings! My friend knows about the WLS and when I mentioned food, she quickly said NO! Which made me feel good, but I still wanted something. Nevertheless, I didn't stray from the Liquid Diet

I was very emotional last night. I even had tears running down my face from watching the 1st part of the Biggest Loser; WTH? Could that be why I'm tired; just emotionally drained? Moma never said there will be days like these!

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