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iowa_missie74's Blog
iowa_missie74's Blog

Scale has moved!
November 4, 2011 8:45 am
Well, after hitting a plateau for 2 weeks...2 looooong weeks, I am finally down another ten pounds. I have stopped believing that this surgery won't work for me, as I am the lowest weight I have been in most of my adult life. It's such a great feeling. Next week, I am going to start my routine back up at the Y. I have to go to my appointment first with the physical therapist and be released to exercise and do more than walking. Can't wait to get back on the eliptical!! It's always been my favorite. The first time I got on it I could only go 500 strides. The last time I was on it I was going 5 miles in 2 hours or I would go for 20 minutes and do 2 minute intervals. Those were killer, but I can't wait to do them again! Have a great weekend!
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