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Jeffrey Allen, M.D.
I was very impressed when I met Dr. Allen in August, 07. He didn't seem all rushed and made sure I had any info I needed and if I needed more where to get it. He does explain the risks of such a major surgery and emphasize after care which all surgeons connected through Norton's do. He also knew I had already researched my surgery A LOT and had already swithced surgeons once, so I had educated myself really well through my journey. lol rnAs an update now that I have had surgery I still say Dr Allen is wonderful. He is a very talented and caring person. I was also lucky to have (semi met) some of the other surgeons in the practice, they were all wonderful too.
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  • Comment by teegee 11/21/07 2:40 am
    joy... you go girl! i hope to join you on the losing side someday! my your recovery be swift and the ice chips satisfing.
  • Comment by Vicki In A Clam Shell 11/20/07 11:53 pm
    Congrats Joy - I am so happy for you, praying you will heal quickly and completely!
  • Comment by LaChelle R. 11/20/07 9:16 pm
    So happy that you are finally on the losers bench! I will be right there with you soon enough! Prayers are being sent your way for a speedy recovery!
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Joy's Blog
A lil of this, a lil of that. ;-)

Consult Appt (No fun startin over)

posted 8/18/07 2:56 pm
Ladonna from Dr Allen's office called me rather fast earlier this month to schedule my consult.  They got me in for August 31st at first.  Then just the other day Ladonna called me again and asked if it was ok that I be moved up to August 24th.  She said Dr Allen was moving ppl from the 31st to the 24th.  I was like WELL YEAH! lol
I hope and pray that they got ALL my paperwork including the packet so I don't have to redo it all.  I don't like paperwork! lol
I will get to find out then what all tests Dr Allen will want me to do also.  Atleast I have my sleep study out of the way.
I am also VERY proud to say I am now 4 months smoke free.  It wasnt easy and at times I thought I would break but I DID IT!
I did go into a severe state of depression (I suffer from depression anyway) and I did gain some weight outta this.  That weight gain does sadden me. 
It also woke up a fear that I am still very prone to wanna binge eat when things get too hard for me.  I thought my binge eating days were behind me...  Maybe I was dumb to think I could battle this beast alone...  But the way I look at it is food is an addiction also and so was the smoking.  Battle one addiction at a time huh.

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