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Jeffrey Allen, M.D.
I was very impressed when I met Dr. Allen in August, 07. He didn't seem all rushed and made sure I had any info I needed and if I needed more where to get it. He does explain the risks of such a major surgery and emphasize after care which all surgeons connected through Norton's do. He also knew I had already researched my surgery A LOT and had already swithced surgeons once, so I had educated myself really well through my journey. lol rnAs an update now that I have had surgery I still say Dr Allen is wonderful. He is a very talented and caring person. I was also lucky to have (semi met) some of the other surgeons in the practice, they were all wonderful too.
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  • Comment by teegee 11/21/07 2:40 am
    joy... you go girl! i hope to join you on the losing side someday! my your recovery be swift and the ice chips satisfing.
  • Comment by Vicki In A Clam Shell 11/20/07 11:53 pm
    Congrats Joy - I am so happy for you, praying you will heal quickly and completely!
  • Comment by LaChelle R. 11/20/07 9:16 pm
    So happy that you are finally on the losers bench! I will be right there with you soon enough! Prayers are being sent your way for a speedy recovery!
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A lil of this, a lil of that. ;-)

Upcoming Appts

posted 8/30/07 8:54 am
Hi all.  Thought I would update with my appt schedule so far.  Yesterday, August 28th I went for my Venous Doppler.  I will know more when they get the results to my pcp but the tech did tell me that I have "Superfical Venous Reflux."  I will copy and paste this since it's easier and says it better. lol 
"What is superficial venous reflux?

Superficial venous reflux is a condition that develops when the valves that usually keep blood flowing out of your legs become damaged or diseased. This causes blood to pool in your legs. Common symptoms of superficial venous reflux include pain, swelling, leg heaviness and fatigue, as well as varicose veins in your legs." 
I will find out my pcp's views on it and what's next.  It doesn't look like anything serious but all those symptoms do explain alot.
My next appt. is tomorrow, August 30th with my pcp for a rechec on my meds and stuff.   He isn't gonna be very happy with my weight gain  and I bet my labs are gonna suck. 
 I will also be having my PFT- Pulmonary Function Test then.
September 5th I will be seeing the Cardiologist for a PET Scan for cardiac clearence.  Keeping my fingers crossed! 
After I am done with all that and the results get passed around and finally faxed to Dr Allen, I should get my date.
I do need to find out who I ask about getting the Venna Cava Filter put in. 
Hope everyone is doing well! 

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