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Surgeon Testimonial

Ward, Dunnican
Dr. Dunnican was AMAZING. Besides being young and incredibly handsome (stared in a few fun dreams of mine... But I digress). He is extremely kind and thorough. My very first visit with him he answered every single one of my questions, plus more I didn't even know I had. By my 2nd and 3rd appointments I had every confidence that Dr. Dunnican would be an amazing surgeon, and had absolutely no doubts about him. He was alway apologetic if I had to wait long to see him, and was always very warm and sincere. My surgery went well. He said I had an initial leak that he fixed right up before closing me up, so I'm not worried at all. He came to my room to see me everyday with the exception of my discharge day ... But, he forewarned me that he wouldn't be around until later that day (if I was still in the hospital) so I wasn't concerned.
Dr. Dunnican was very gentle while checking my incisions post op. The EXACT opposite of one of the other Dr.s that came in and put an unnecessary and painful amount of pressure on one of my incision sites the day after surgery (uncool nameless Dr guy).
All in all, I am fully pleased with Dr. Dunnicans care and excellent work. I look forward to my post op appointments with him. And would recommend him to anyone in the Albany, NY area who is thinking about this surgery.

Edit - 9/08/10
Dr. Ward Dunnican was killed in a motorcycle accident last night. I am deeply saddened by this. He was a very skilled surgeon who was only 38 years old with a wife and 3 daughters.
I dedicate every dress size I go down to him.
Thank you Dr. Dunnican, for changing my life. RIP.
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  • Health - Farmers markets, co-ops, fresh & whole foods
  • Humor - I'm a total geek and will do anything to get people to laugh.
  • Travel - Hate flying. But love to travel. Go figure!
  • Movies - Comedys, horror, dramas, action. You name it!
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  • Shopping - Nothing like the rush you get when you find good deals!
  • Reading - Jackie Collins, Harry Potter, Twilight, True Blood

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  • Comment by lilshani919 7/8/10 7:13 am
    yay!!! congrats on the date i know you were working hard to get to this point!!
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karkar26's Blog
karkar26's Blog

Guess who got married!!
May 3, 2014 7:25 am

Hey OH Family!

I know it's been a while. But I was busy marrying the man of my dreams. 4/18 was the big day. I am proud to annouce I fit in my dress like a glove. Almost 4 years out, 130 lbs. I'm not certain what size my dress was because I got it at a consignment shop and there was no tag inside… But they had it measured at about a size 4. 

We had a tiny little ceremony and reception aboard the Carnival Cruise ship Splendor followed by an 8 day cruise just my husband and I to the Bahamas. SO PERFECT! …. Wedding album in my Photos!  

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What the surgery is NOT
January 16, 2014 10:45 am

Hey OH Fam. Over the years I've had the fantastic pleasure of meeting many folk either in person or over the interwebs that have had WLS. And I've been fortunate and blessed to inspire, encourage, and council some people (in my own way) with info and tips on my own WLS success. However, in doing so I see some people making the mistake of thinking this surgery is "a golden ticket". ..... Listen to me .... It is not! It s not something to do to make your boyfriend not leave you because he thinks you're "fat". It's not something to do because your high school reunion is coming up and you want to make a good impression on your old classmates. It's not something to do because you think it'll fix everything that is wrong in your life. It's not easy. It's not quick. And most of all it's NOT temporary. It is a LIFELONG choice. After you lose the weight you still have to exercise and eat healthy, and take vitamins, and watch your sugars and carbs and fats FOREVER. It's always going to be protein first... Forever. 

This is a FOREVER surgery. So please do not make this decision for anyone else but yourself. For YOUR future. For YOUR health. For YOUR happiness. 

With that said - I'm happy to report I am 3 1/2 years out and loving my RNY. I make healthy choices but still enjoy my favorite splurges from time to time. I'm active, I'm mindful to not be too liberal with my "treats", but most important .... I'm complication free and healthy. 


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cruisin' baby
December 10, 2013 11:03 am

It's official! We booked our honeymoon cruise! SWEET!!! 8 day cruise to the Bahamas. Looks like I better get my butt back on that treadmill. I've taken a "sabbatical" for lack of better words. And it's KILLING me that I've let myself get lazy. But, what better thing than a wedding on a cruise ship to kick myself right in the ass and get back on track! 

Look out April 18th 2014 - - - I'll be ready for you! 

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Guilt is a bitch
November 8, 2013 11:17 pm

I'm guilty y'all. Guilty of being lazy and not exercising. Guilty of not eating properly. And guilty of slacking on my vow to never slip on my vitamins. UGH!!!! 

I know today is a new day, blah blah blah. But I still have absolutely NO desire to get on the stupiddumbohhowIhateyou treadmill. What happened? How did I lose my desire? Did I ever really have one or was I pretending?  ..... No, I know I did. Right? 

Anyways. I'll get my groove back. It's just a temporary lazy spell. Promise. 

But till then..... UGH!

Guilty and shaking my fist at myself,


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Water, water, everywhere
September 5, 2013 12:42 pm

Guess who has 2 thumbs and hasn't been keeping up on her water intake? THIS GAL!  Not ok Karly. Must refocus. 

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