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Sherman Yu, M.D.
Dr. Yu is the most amazing, compationate, and understanding doctor. He revised my surgery to the Lap-band and all my problems before have disappeared. Acid Reflux is gone!! I am so much healthier now and so energetic. Dr. Yu is an excellent listener and thoroughly understood my problems and knew exactly what was going on. I would highly recommend him!! Don't put it off. If you are obese and leaning towards a WLS at least visit Dr. Yu. He will explain things to you and draw it out just to give you that visual. I can't stop saying enough great things about him. My mother is now scheduling for her Lap-band with Dr. Yu. She loves him as much as I do.
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My Story

In 1999 I was at 310 lbs. and had the Molina Band put on.  No Adjustments need.  I lost about 75 lbs.  After the first year I started getting things stuck alot.  I then got Acid Reflux to the point where I would wake myself up throwing up.  Now after all these years I can't keep anything down.  I have lost down to 119.  Yes, 119.  My lowest weight ever on a diet was 150 probably since I was 9years old.  I just got approved today at January 15, 2008 for the RYN.  I just pray that my strength is up for the surgery and all that includes.

UPDATE:  4-6-08.  After weight dropping to 117 lbs size 1 my doctor advised me to not go so drastic and have lapband.  I prayed on it and finally had peace about going to another band and as of 3-6-08, I had hernia repair and revision to lapband and NO acid reflux or throwing up at all!!!  It is a miracle.  I have gained weight, (141 lbs, size 6), but I feel so much healthier.  My body was in starvation mode from not holding down food before revision.  I am now weighting for my first fill.  Waiting, ha ha.  Take care.