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Rayford Kruger
Dr Kruger is an excellent surgeon. I had my surgery on 09/09/08 and I must say the after care I received was excellent. rnAftercare plays an important role with Dr. Kruger. You must sign a contract that you will go to the monthly support groups.rnThe staff is great, always confirming appts and keeping you posted as you go along.rnI highly recommend Dr. Kruger..
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kidneedonor's Blog
kidneedonor's Blog

Post Op 11 Months

posted 8/1/09 9:48 am
Looks like I am now stable.. not qute sure.. I haven't lost any weight in a few months I am only 11 months post op.. So is this it???   Holding steady at 150.. Give or take a pound or two, either way..To have a normal BMI I must be at 145.  So close..  I am now starting the process of consultation for Tummy Tuck and possibly breast reduction and lift.  I have my first consult mid August.  I can tolerate just about everything EXCEPT BREAD  GET SICK WITH BREAD..and I have not yet had Soda, or a B ig Mac.. after 30 + years of binging on those foods.. I no longer want them in my life.

Life is good !

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