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Kfir Ben-David
Some people absolutely love him. I didn't have such a positive experience. From his horrible cold bed side manner to seeing him in the office and him telling me that he would "cancel" me as a patient, I never once felt like he actually cared about me or my life. He didn't care if I lost the weight, and he didn't seem to care about any of the issues that I was having.....and due to his lack of concern I still have the same issues.
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kwinkleman's Blog
kwinkleman's Blog

Up hill battle!!

posted 4/17/11 10:35 pm
My scale must be the "male" version because it truly enjoys playing with my emotions and loves to get me upset.  I know that we lose and gain for different reasons and at different paces.  I also know that our weight will fluctuate from day to day so we shouldn't weigh each day.  Yet even with knowing all these things....I still weigh everyday....and I still get frustrated on days like today when the scale totally loses its darn mind and says something stupid!!
Yesterday morning I weighed 223...which is great...that means I lost a pound in a week!  I am ok with that, as long as the number moves down at least by 1 digit I am cool.  Ok, so this morning I get up, do my same routine, weight....and this thing says 227!  WTF!!!!????  5 pounds in a day?  There is no way I ate 15,000 calories yesterday to magically gain 5 pounds.  So what is the deal?  Ok, so I go back through what I ate yesterday...for breakfast I had 1 egg scrambled with cheddar cheese.  For lunch I had 1/2 of a 6ft subway seafood and crab sub.  For snack I had the other half.  For dinner I had a small taco salad with (one crunchy shell, a spoonful of ground beef, sour cream, taco sauce, lettuce, onion & tomato).  That is not a lot of food.  It wasn't a ton of sweets or salty things.....yet the scale reads 5 pounds higher today??  I am confused.  I know that my weight loss has a pattern.  I usually fluctuate through the week and then towards the weekend it drops.  But 5 pounds is major!  I don't understand what I am doing wrong.  I am going to try to track my food better, count my calories closer and see if I can get this up and down thing under control.  I want to be under 200 pounds so bad.  And I know that these last 23-27 pounds are going to be the hardest because I do want it so darn bad! 

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