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Paint my own toenails ~~easily
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RUN and PLAY with my children, not just watch!
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Cross legs while sitting
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Serve my Saviour more diligently in His Will!
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be healthy and have the energy to be actively involved with life
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Surgeon Testimonial

Aziz Richi M.D.LLC
Dr. Richi is a very matter of fact, right to the point kind of guy....he doesn't mince words. He's a really no-nonsense type dude. He is an excellent doc! I am happy that he was at the helm of my surgery because as soon as a complication arose, he did what he knew to do, instruct my family to PRAY! He also used wisdom and didn't try to rush and finish the job but put my safety first and I appreciate that. He is a stickler about following the rules and often says if I want to be successful just listen to him and his team. I am determined to be successful, therefore, I will listen to him and his team. He has a great aftercare program and the staff is all on board with it. They have all been really great.
I didn't really care about his bedside manner cuz all I wanted to hear from him was that I can go home and as soon as he said that, those dang stockings came off!
Excellent surgeon and I would recommend him to any and everyone considering this surgery in the area.
Member Interests
  • Animals - Not so much!
  • Business & Career - I am a business
  • Family & Friends - I value my family and my friends very much.
  • Fitness & Exercise - I really do love to work out! I like being active
  • Writing - Still working on my to write in general..journals everywhere!
  • Parenting - My 3 children mean the world to me. They are the reason I do what I do!
  • Scrapbooks - Whenever I have time, which isn't much these days
  • Education - Bachelors Degree in Busines Admin / Masters Degree in Marketing
  • Dating - There is someone special in my life.
  • Reading - Love it, love it, love it....I read EVERYTHING

Latest Surgery Support Comments

  • Comment by Stacy S. 4/13/09 9:49 am
    Praying that everything works out........ALL THE BEST
  • Comment by complexsimplicity 2/19/09 12:35 pm
    saying a very special prayer for you tonight!!!! God is STILL in control!!!!
  • Comment by RaeRae1 2/19/09 7:50 am
    My sister's surgerey didn't go as well as expected today. About an hour before they were finished, Alicia's blood pressure dramatically dropped and the doctor stopped the operation and rushed her up to ICU. They thought that she had a blood clot but when they did a cat scan, they didn't see anything. They ended up putting a stint in her just in case. She has a breathing tube and is heavily sedated. They will continue with her surgery on tomorrow if she remains stable. I'm asking that everyone who can get a prayer through to please pray for my sister. I am currently caring for her three beautiful children and God knows they need and love their mother. I'll keep everyone posted as to her condition. Thank you.
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LeeshaS's Blog
LeeshaS's Blog


posted 12/30/08 12:49 pm
I am so ecstatic right now!!!! I received the call today from my Dr's office that they received my insurance approval today!!!!! When I really think about it, the process really was not that long from when I started! I am so grateful to God right now. I am very excited about the new lease on life that I will be getting soon. I am so anxious...I can hardly contain myself! This website has been such an encouragement and inspriation to me! Reading everyones stories and experiences has helped tremendously, I will join the loser's bench soon!!!!. My surgery date is February 26th. I know that it will be here quickly!!!
Officially counting down......

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