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Michael W. Blaney
I totally love Dr. Blaney, he makes you feel very secure that he will take care of you and make sure that everything is taken care of. His staff is great. I had to make some chanes to my appts and they were great about rescheduling them. He makes sure that you understand everything that is invovlved with this surgery.. the after care program is great.. his ofc holds 2 support group meeting a month and they are very informative.. rnrn
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libbymac's Blog
libbymac's Blog

Whats up with my mind???

posted 3/29/09 9:00 am
I had surgery on 3/23/09 and came through it fine.. I came home on 3/25/09 and that went well didnt have any problems at all kinda freaked me out when the drain tube decided on its own to come out by itself...  but I called  my great friend Judy and asked her if I was dying.. lol she settled my nerves by saying that was good that it came out it meant I was healing..

Everyone I have met prior to and after my surgery has told me that Journaling would be helpful.. I had in my mind what I would right but never got around to it.. my first entry was my first weigh in.. I have lost ten lbs!!  WOO HOO.. in 4 days!!! I made a list of the things that I wouldnt miss..  This morning my Journal was a true lifesaver.. I had breakfast of dark chocolate jello and a mocho protein shake and of course I couldnt finish either.. :)...  I was full but still couldnt get past the fact that I will never be able to eat like I once did.. Not that I ever want to be  a glutton ever again but just the fact I wont be able to eat the things that I love.. I know that one day I will be able to eat "real" food again but it seems like a lifetime away.. I am going to work through this, I refuse to let this beat me I have come to far to fail.. FAILURE IS NOT AN OPTION!!!

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