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Michael W. Blaney
I totally love Dr. Blaney, he makes you feel very secure that he will take care of you and make sure that everything is taken care of. His staff is great. I had to make some chanes to my appts and they were great about rescheduling them. He makes sure that you understand everything that is invovlved with this surgery.. the after care program is great.. his ofc holds 2 support group meeting a month and they are very informative.. rnrn
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libbymac's Blog
libbymac's Blog

10 more lbs down!!!

posted 3/31/09 8:03 am
334!!!   what  pretty number... went to the dr to have some of the sutures removed and talk to Bryn the dietician... I can add eggs to my diet net week OMG I cant wait!!! I got my wheels back so I must be doing something right.. I feel like I could have lost so much more... this liquid diet is hard cause if you mind says you aint full then you aint full.. lol once I get some "normal" food I will be doing much better.... other than the soreness in my belly I feel good I wish I could sleep on my side or stomach but havent  been able to acheive that YET!!! I have no room to complain!!

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