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Wear my husbands T-shirts and have them be big :o)
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Walk the Labor Day Mackinac Bridge walk
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go to Mackinac Island and ride bikes
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wear tshirts from my concert collection
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  • Comment by M J 5/10/07 8:09 am
    Lisa, So glad everything went well. Hang in there, as it will get better everyday. I'm just a little ahead of you, so if you ever have any questions, feel free to ask me. Just think, we'll be thin together!!
  • Comment by calgal 5/6/07 8:16 pm
    hi, best wishes for a smooth surgery and a good recovery. see you soon on the losing side of life.... hugs, sally
  • Comment by Leslie 5/6/07 4:47 pm
    Your time has finally come!! All that nervousness and being anxious will all soon be forgotten as you start your new journey to a happy healthier you!!! Here's to an uneventful surgery and a speedy recovery!!!
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LisaH73's Blog
LisaH73's Blog

My Vitamins and Supplements
posted 2/21/08 4:32 am
I've never actually written down my vitamin and supplement routine. However, now that I have it down to a science and know exactly what I need, here is my complete list.

Synthroid 175mcg
Strattera - 60mg
Folic Acid - 800mcg
Zinc - 100mg
A -  50K iu
B12 - 2500mcg
Super B Complex
D3-50 - 50K iu
Magnesium - 250mg

At 2 Hr. Intervals Afterwards:
Calcium Citrate - 1600mg
Zinc - 100mg (at lunch)

Before Bed:
MultiVitamin - 1 Centrum Performance (before bed)
Iron - 150mg (6qty Tender Iron before bed)
Probiotic - 2qty  3billion cfu Acidophilus

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