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Bag and a half down...seventeen and a half to go.

posted 1/10/11 7:41 am

Today I saw Dr. Doyle.  I've lost 13.9 pounds to date.  In light of two major eating holidays, a recent start to the gym, and a handful of "idontwanttobeonadiettoday" moments, he says he's quite pleased with where I'm at.  Dr. Doyle said I've done everything they've asked me to do and sees no reason why I wouldn't be approved for the next step.  Wednesday is my surgical consultation with Dr. Krause and although I expect to gather quite a bit of information, I really won't know much until they contact me to schedule a date.

Meanwhile, I have to trample through work.  We are converting business systems this week for all five of our companies, my CFO is trying to close the books for last year in preparation for a long boring meeting with the CPA, and tomorrow there won't be anyone in the office as they're all going to be in Monroe for some parts what-to-do.  Translation:  overtime is mandatory and I have to clear off my schedule for the next few days.  I had to cancel my session tomorrow with Big Biceps Mark, but I think he's got an opening this Saturday.  The more I think about it, I'll have to schedule that for the afternoon because I'll most likely have to work Saturday morning.  Hopefully I'll get everything done I need to on Friday.

In between the testing, updating, more testing, more updating, putting up with crazed sales people, more updating, more testing, managers, more testing, and... get the picture.

So, a bag and a half of poe-tay-toes down, seventeen and a half to go!


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