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  • Movies - love watching movies especially with my new hubby
  • Fashion - love shopping, but it is depressing
  • History - B.A. Degree in History
  • BMI over 50 - unfortunately, but its me - 5'6.5", 355lbs
  • Reading - Love to read - former favorite method of escapism

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  • Comment by Eggface 3/30/07 3:44 am
    Happy Surgiversary! What an amazing transformation. Thank you for continuing to share your experiences. ~Michelle (MV)
  • Comment by MamaRia 4/12/06 12:30 am
    HELLO and WELCOME to the loosing side! When you are able... post an update!! (((HUGS))) MARIA
  • Comment by Kathy Newton 4/10/06 4:13 pm
    Hi April, just wanted to wish you much success today. I know you are excited, nervous, and plan just want to get it over. Know that I am here for you with my prayers. Love
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MaYpRiL1982's Blog
MaYpRiL1982's Blog


posted 3/9/07 1:18 am
Well, it is finally Friday! The weather is gorgeous which I'm absolutely lovin' but by golly my booty hurts! I don't know what I've done this past week, but I can hardly stand up without flinching in pain. It has been like this for days! The weather has been so nice this past week that I've spent my lunch hour walking around the park and up to the capitol building TWICE...That is a little over two miles. Maybe it is all the steps up to the capitol building??? I should probably count them while on my walk today. At any rate, the scale finally moved for me a few days ago... down to 203-204 (I can't ever tell because I have a dial scale and the needle bounces a lot between the two) Just a few more pounds to onderland. My one year surgiversary March 8th appointment was rescheduled to April 12th which is my actual one year surgiversary. I think I had been stressing myself to reach the goal I wanted to be at my one year appointment (under 200)...which then was March 8th and would have put me actually a few days before my 11 month mark. So.... I was stressing about making my one year goal by 11 month surgiversary.... am I nut or what?? Sunday I will be taking my 11 month pictures and will post my "official" weight and measurements then. I doubt I'll see much of a difference in the clothes fit the same...maybe a tad bit looser. Well, I guess that is all for now. Until next time...skinny wishes to you all :-)

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