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  • Movies - love watching movies especially with my new hubby
  • Fashion - love shopping, but it is depressing
  • History - B.A. Degree in History
  • BMI over 50 - unfortunately, but its me - 5'6.5", 355lbs
  • Reading - Love to read - former favorite method of escapism

Latest Surgery Support Comments

  • Comment by Eggface 3/30/07 3:44 am
    Happy Surgiversary! What an amazing transformation. Thank you for continuing to share your experiences. ~Michelle (MV)
  • Comment by MamaRia 4/12/06 12:30 am
    HELLO and WELCOME to the loosing side! When you are able... post an update!! (((HUGS))) MARIA
  • Comment by Kathy Newton 4/10/06 4:13 pm
    Hi April, just wanted to wish you much success today. I know you are excited, nervous, and plan just want to get it over. Know that I am here for you with my prayers. Love
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MaYpRiL1982's Blog
MaYpRiL1982's Blog

Teases and Taunts....

posted 3/13/07 12:53 am
from the bathroom scale

My ultimate weight loss goal.... to weigh less than 200lbs. Onderland. The scale has been teasing and taunting me with this for a couple of days now...the needle idly sitting on the 200 mark....UGH. I'll get there though!!

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