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Jorge Acosta
My surgery was done by Dr. Eldo Frezza. He turned out to be pretty bad. My insurance company assigned me to Dr. Acosta for follow-ups, and he is absolutely adorable. Much better care than my original surgeon, and nice looking to boot! ha ha. I feel lucky to have him!
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  • Comment by debann 1/9/08 10:12 am
    Good luck with your surgery and enjoy the journey into your new life!
  • Comment by StellaBlue 1/9/08 9:54 am
    Good Luck tomorrow! Sending positive vibes your way for everything to go perfectly!
  • Comment by GinaJ 1/9/08 9:29 am
    Congratulations on your surgery!!! Sending prayers your way. Keep us posted during your recovery.
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melly37's Blog
melly37's Blog

Following My Own Timeline

posted 12/5/12 10:58 pm


I see Dr. Acosta a week from tomorrow for a follow-up appointment.  Will I miraculously lose 20 pounds in a week?  Will I possibly disappoint him because I haven't lost but a few measly pounds since seeing him back in August?   Mostly likely....yes. 


Instead of stressing about what I have and haven't done, I am choosing to focus on the positives.  Even though my eating has not been a shining example for anyone, I have not gained weight.  I have also been dealing with some very weird hormonal issues.  I am truly hoping that those issues are resolving!! 


The endocrinologist NP that I have been seeing put me on Metformin.  Even though my blood sugars are pretty good (A1C is almost normal), she felt that Metformin could help out with the hormonal issues.  After taking it for a couple of weeks my period actually came ON TIME and it was a regular, heavy period!  I never thought I would rejoice over such a thing!  ha ha  However, if this continues, that means I won't be experiencing the cravings, tiredness and moodiness of PMS for weeks on end!!  Those PMS cravings were killing me. 

My period that started on the 1st is still here, but dwindling....and the scale shows 180.0.  So, not too bad. 


I have also made the decision to "fix" my eating compulsions.  I did contact the therapist that was recommended to me that specializes in eating disorders.  She has a waiting list, but said she would contact me in January for an appointment. 


All of this being said, I know I won't make the goals my surgeon had set forth for me by this next follow-up, but guess what?  I am following my own timeline.  I am working through my issues and not giving up.  I WILL get to my goal.....just in my own time! 

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