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Jorge Acosta
My surgery was done by Dr. Eldo Frezza. He turned out to be pretty bad. My insurance company assigned me to Dr. Acosta for follow-ups, and he is absolutely adorable. Much better care than my original surgeon, and nice looking to boot! ha ha. I feel lucky to have him!
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  • Comment by debann 1/9/08 10:12 am
    Good luck with your surgery and enjoy the journey into your new life!
  • Comment by StellaBlue 1/9/08 9:54 am
    Good Luck tomorrow! Sending positive vibes your way for everything to go perfectly!
  • Comment by GinaJ 1/9/08 9:29 am
    Congratulations on your surgery!!! Sending prayers your way. Keep us posted during your recovery.
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melly37's Blog
melly37's Blog

5 Years Of Struggling, Learning, Succeeding

posted 1/8/13 10:30 am

Thursday marks the 5th anniversary of me getting WLS.  My LapBand was installed on that day.  I have since had a second surgery to fix a slip, then a third surgery to revise to my lovely VSG. 

My life has changed in so many ways since that cold day in January.  I would say that my life has changed for the better, for sure.  After 5 years, I am STILL not at goal.  I have had many pitfalls and roadblocks (some self-imposed) along the way.  This isn't a race, it's a journey. 

I am still wearing "normal" sizes, even after some weight gain a few years ago, so, I am thankful for that.  My A1C numbers are great.  What I am most proud of is how I have changed internally.  I am much happier, confident and wiser for everything I have gone through.  I got out of a bad marriage a few years back, and eventually ended up with the man of my dreams.

The lingering food obsessions and addictions that I have, I am tackling.  I am on a waiting list to see an eating disorder therapist, which I am excited about.  I know that I can get to goal, eventually.  I really must say that I have enjoyed the ride thus far. 

After my last post, I just totally went in to holiday mode.  I didn't worry about what I ate, etc.  Luckily, I didn't really gain any weight.  *Whew*.  I am at 181, as of this morning.  I have been in the same 5 pound range for MONTHS now.  I am back on track, and watching what I eat.  This year WILL be successful....just as the previous 5 have been!  kiss

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