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Obesity Help Houston Photobooth Photos! Ooo!

posted 12/28/10 5:17 am
  And you thought these were never to be seen by human eyes!  

It appears that nobody got naked, so the video actually got posted!  Win!  

I don't see your pretty face in here.  Did you bribe someone to get it off the memory card before we left Texas?  Huh?  HUH?  I know you did.  :P  Considering my bird made the cut, I know your purdy mug should be there.  You must have flashed.

These booths are so fun, doncha wish you had one at your PROM and your WEDDING?  I mean, seriously -- can you imagine the photos you'd be gifted with?  SO MUCH FUN, so funny.  

I'm looking forward to OH's 2011 Events.

PS.  Count the Bariatric Bad Girls, win a prize?  LOL.

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