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Sergio Verboonen
1st impression was great, Dr V was well spoken, very nice. My impression only got better. The staff was very helpful.
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midasmith's Blog
midasmith's Blog


posted 2/22/10 9:22 am
So....I go to Dead Lobster with DH for his birthday today. I have been doing very well, with eating foods, chewing to a pulp, etc. We sit down, I feel fine, they bring a shrimp cocktail. I usually do not eat this anyway, I just dont like the taste,but DH convinces me to try 1. Says they are AWESOME. So, here I go, I eat a 1/4 of one. Ok, it is pretty good. I eat another 1/4. So, 10 min later, I have eaten 3/4 of a shrimp. (I do not use any sauce,except lemon) Almost immediately, I start feeling a little "off".   (this was my 1st official-did not go well-experience)  About 3 min later, I realize I am going to hurl (the place was COMPLETELY full, we had to wait an hour for a table) I sit there, trying to stop it, & could not. So,I grab DH lobsterita, & fill it up for him.,pee'ing my tan colored pants as I do KNOW what color pee is on tan...VERY noticable! I then sqeeuze out of the booth (that I was so proud to fit in only minutes earlier!!!) make my way to the bathroom,with my mouth full of gunk,in my pee pants. I hurl 3 times, & it is the shrimpy pulp. But, then I still could not get right. I kept yaking up slime. I yakked up slime for about 30 min. We are home now, & I am out of my pee pants, & showered. Anyone else have this? I am feeling a little better. This was the 1st time I have hurled since surgery Jan 8th. Just wondering if this was just a fluke, or was it my VSG that decided NO SHRIMP


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