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misty092202's Blog
misty092202's Blog

3 Month Sugerversary!

posted 4/20/10 6:12 am
So today it has been 3 months since my surgery!  Time has flown by so fast!  I have lost a total of 68 pounds to date!  I am so excited.  I have not been this low for 10 years!  It is such a great feeling!  I am getting all my vitamins in now, my protein shake, and eating a lot more healthier.  I don't want the candy bars, pizza, or my cheese pretzels!  I want to be healthy and that is the most important thing.  I will substitute a candy bar for a chocolate protein shake, that way I still get my chocolate, and get the protein I need.  I have had my down falls (no body is perfect) but I have learned from that and have learned to love my body for the way it is now.

Yesterday I went to my first support group for WLS surgery it was on Physiology of WLS.  The doc doing the lecture was the doc I saw to get my surgery approved!  He was so awesome!  One of the things I learned was emotional eating, I use to do.  I would always eat after the kids go to bed, just a snack, but every night I did this.  Then I figured out I was eating because I was bored! Just sitting watching TV makes me bored.  So now I wait to take my vitamins (calcium, and multi) at night when the kids go to bed at 8pm.  That way it is my kind of snack, and it is something that I need to have. Maybe I could even add a protein shake in there, if I didn't get all the protein I needed for the day.  It was a big revelation for me.

So many changes for the last three months it is crazy, and some times hard to rap my head around.  Well I think I have wrote enough for now. I will talk to everyone real soon!  Thanks so much for all the support on here.
It has meant so much to me.

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