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Go to an amusment park and fit on the rides, comfortably.
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be able to travel comfortably and be active with my family.
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Feel comfortable with myself
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finally get healthy and get my weight under control
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Surgeon Testimonial

Brian S. Boe, M.D.
Post surgery.... Ok... Dr. Boe... hands down the best surgeon ever. He is terrific. Kind. Thorough. Funny. Just overall GREAT!!! He makes you feel like you are his only patient. That every struggle you have is his own. I would recommend him in a heart beat to anyone even considering surgery!rnrnDr. Boe was so kind. He has the best bedside manner I have ever seen with a doctor (and I have worked for a lot of doctors!). The Barix Center was beautiful, clean and peaceful. I knew as soon as I walked through the front door that this would be the place I would have my procedure. Dr. Boe took a ton of time to explain everything... pre op, surgery, post op, complications, EVERYTHING. He put my sister and I at ease.
Member Interests
  • Family & Friends - My family and friends get me through EVERYTHING!
  • Travel - Traveling in general is my next favorite thing to do. Can't wait to go to Europe
  • Cruises - I discovered cruising a few years ago with my son. We can't get enough

Latest Surgery Support Comments

  • Comment by Dianne P. 7/23/08 12:38 am
  • Comment by NANCYL 7/21/08 11:19 am
    Hope all went well with surgery !!! Congratualtions and welcome to the other side!! Take care and sip sip sip .... Nancy
  • Comment by justjenner 7/21/08 8:15 am
    Good luck will be thinking of you, remember to take it easy and let yourself heal. All the best. Jenn
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10 Day Liquid Diet... Oh My!

posted 7/11/08 4:00 am
I had my PATs yesterday.  Everyone at Barix was AWESOME and totally thorough.  I never had so many tests.  Everything is good.  Got my clearance and .... started my 10-day liquid diet.  Oh CRAP!  Well one day almost down.  I planned a weekend at the Jersey Shore so that should be fun...  :)  Then there was the big dinner with old co-workers that was to celebrate my upcomign surgery... Don't get me wrong, I know that this is just a small price to pay for the new life I am going to have... but it still sucks!  LOL  Here's to another Crystal Light and protein supplement!  :)

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