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Ride a horse again
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ba able to sit with my knees togeather
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lose 100 pounds
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David Rohrer
Amazing! The Dr. and his staff were so amazing and pleasent to work with. Thank you guys. My surgery went awesome. NO complications at all!!! Total blessing I had my surgery as of october 13th 2008 and it's now April 16th 2009. I've lost 97lbs! The only thing that I didn't like was one of the nurses in the hospital. Dr. Rohere can be very factual and blunt, but that's why I liked him.
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  • Comment by Kristie T. 10/12/08 6:17 pm
    Today is your Big Day...Congrats & Best Wishes for a speedy recovery.
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newlyme's Blog
newlyme's Blog

Day 4 362.8 LBS (-13.2)

posted 10/2/08 3:00 am
I have lost another 2.2 pounds. which is awesome! I am getting excited. The -13.2 is since my last dietion weigh in.

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