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Lose 15 lbs b4 surgery.
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To get my surgery approved :)
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Charles Thomas
I love the program in place for bariatric durgery with Dr Thomas, Southern Surgical. From start to finish Judith walks you through the process in a very thorough manner. They don't skip a beat here. They know what they're doing! They received insurance approval without a problem, because they were very prepared. I appreciate all of the \"loops\" you have to jump through. I know that all of it is for my safety and to be sure I will be successful. I am confident that I am in good hands here!
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  • Parenting - Have 3 beautiful children! Ages 11, 9, and 7...Love them lots!
  • Christianity - Children's Minister. Love to help children grow in character &love 4 the Lord!
  • WLS in your 30's - Just made 30 in October 2007!

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nikkibeat's Blog
nikkibeat's Blog

Drumroll please.....!!!!!

posted 5/6/08 7:29 am
I was really scared to go through this weigh in because I have been retaining sooo much water, but of course I went all the same.  I am down 6 more pounds!  That brings me to 50.2 from the start of my weight loss journey, and 24 lbs from surgery!!!!  

I am SOOOOOO HAPPY!!!   I'm doin' the happy dance       ......

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