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not just settle for someone because of my size
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To have options when I shop for clothes
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weigh under 200 lbs!
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  • Comment by justjackie777 1/12/11 9:03 pm
    Best of luck today! Thinking of you! Jackie
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Thanks for all the support

posted 1/14/11 2:23 am
Thank you everyone for all of the support and I know everyone is waiting to here how did everything go will

   -  I went in to 5 30 they checked me as normal (blood pressure, temp and etc) then have you take a pregnancy test b.c
         they want to make sure nothing is wrong.
   - I got an IV hooked up to me and a patch went behind my ear to help making me nausea
   - then they place the things on my leg for I would not get any blood clots.
   - The other doctor came in asked me about my family history because they wanted to know anesthesia
   - Then they gave me a little of the LA LA medication, and rolled me off to surgery
  - When I got there they had me all ready for surgery and gave me the full dose of the LA LA med and then when I
     woke up  I was in the recovery room. 
 Now i was not in ANY PAIN from the surgery I was just had to go to the bathroom contaly. Yet when I had to get up and sit down YES i was in pain, but when i was just sitting there I was fine. I drank alot of apple juice, water, so they let me go home. That was pretty much it. 

I am going back to rest some more, THANKS AGAIN FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!!! If you you all any questions please ask away.

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