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get healthy and set an example for my children
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Glen Moore
Dr. Moore is a wonderful person and physician. I have the benefit as knowing him on a personal and professional level and have nothing but respect for him. rnrnThe Bon Secocurs Surgical Weight Loss program is set up to help there patients succeed with pre op education and post op support. As a physician in the area, I have the benefit of seeing patients from a wide variety of surgeons and have no doubt that those from Bon Secours have more support and that leads to more success in the long run. rnrn
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  • Comment by pamela P. 3/19/08 12:38 am
    good luck today, God bless you and your children and in the first days of the rest of your healthy life
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My Story

I have fought my weight for as long as I can remember and have always felt like it was the one aspect of my life which I couldn't control.  Then things went from bad to worse.  While pregnant with my first son, I had gestational diabetes which was so severe that I had to go on an insulin pump.  After he was born, the diabetes got better but never went away completely and I started Glucophage. During my next pregnancy, I was again on an insulin pump and ever since that delivery, my diabetes has gotten more and more out of control. 

Being a physician myself as well as watching my father fight diabetes, I knew that being diabetic since the age of 31 was not going to bode well for my future health.  I've tried to change my diet and exercise more, but cannot maintain those changes on my own for the long haul.  Having seen the successes of so many of my patients, I started researching gastric bypass as a means to resolve my health issues- especially diabetes and hypertension.  i was amazed at the statistics and after long thought and deliberation have decided that if I want to live to meet my grandchildren and enjoy my life to the fullest that gastric bypass was my best option.

There are a lot of people who may think that my weight is not high enough to warrant such drastic measures, but I think that if they knew that I had 6 comorbidities at the age of 36 they might understand more.  I am of the belief that over the next 5 years, we are going to see a huge trend toward metabolic surgery as well as bariatric surgery and feel fortunate that I have this opportunity to change my health at a stage when all of my comorbidities are reversible.