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play with my grandkids out side
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wake up every day and putting God frist in every thing i do daily
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geting in the habit to pray every day
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reach out to help other
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Surgeon Testimonial

Chung H. Oh M.D.
My first impression was that I didn't know him very well. I went to him because he did my brothers surgery. When I had my surgery, I was in the hospital 5 days. Dr. Oh called the floor every hour to see how I was doing since I kept geting sick. He ordered a test and he was there when I had it done. Having a Doctor stay with me had never happened to me before. rnI was very impressed with Dr. Oh. His office staff were great. My only complaint was that I could not understand him due to being tome deaf in both ears. rnrnPatients should know that he realy cares about you and wants his patients to meet their goals. Dr. Oh also tells you like it is and tells you what you need to do. Dr. Oh advised me of all the risks yet gave encouragement and direction in my aftercare. rnrnDr. Oh is the best id the best doctor I have seen in long time. To this day, he lets me know if I am doing good, or if I need to work on something a little more. Such as, if I need to get out and walk.rnrnThank you Dr. Oh. rnrnAlways do what your doctor tell you to do. It makes a big difference in the success of your result.rnrn
Member Interests
  • Family & Friends - my family was so support of me when i had my sugery and still is today
  • Family & Friends - i have a good friend i call mom who was behind me
  • Dancing - i love to dance with my husband
  • Bingo - i love to play bingo with my friend and to talk to people
  • Collectibles - i am a elvis fan os i like to collect his things
  • Housework - i like to keep thing in place and clean
  • Religion & Spirituality - philippians 4:13 say i Can do all things through christ
  • Grandchildren - i have 3 grandchildren that meam the world to me
  • Nursing Home Care - i love to take care of older people to make them smile
  • Gospel - listen to gospel lifed my sprit up good and bad day

Latest Surgery Support Comments

  • Comment by Luvitsunny 2/7/07 3:14 am
    I love your Elvis theme to your site. The song is one of my favorites. I am keeping Josh in my prayers...I aprpeciate your faithfulness in keeping the prayer requests going. I know that things happen when we pray that wouldn't if we didn't! I share these words with you in mind.... Whenever God plants, He does it with a finished objective in mind. He has give you ability that, when combined with the Holy Spirit's help, will allow you to be fruitful. God plans to accomplish something extraordinary in your life." Babbie Mason.
  • Comment by judy in the av 1/15/07 2:39 am
    Ila, Just wanted you to know I'm keeping Josh in my thoughts and prayers, as well as you and your family. May you have strength during this difficult time.
  • Comment by prettywormen 1/11/07 12:27 pm
    thank you the family is not giving up hope and thank every one for their prayer this hard on all of us Ila
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hello my name is Ila and you can  find me at

prettywormen's Blog
prettywormen's Blog

June 3, 2008 9:24 am

hello everyone just to let you know i am back on track i been walking everyday with my husband he going to have the surgery and  he give me hope he lost 7 pound so far i am eating what he eating i dont feel alone any more god bless ila

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third man in my life
July 14, 2007 1:32 pm
Myspace Glitters
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before and after
May 17, 2007 11:14 pm
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how i fround the message boards
December 29, 2006 10:13 am

 when i had my surgery i did not   have any support group ,i did not have to do what all of you had to toi had my family and one women in the church who stood behind be i had one friend i thrught that was my friend call me six time a day to talk me out of i having the surgeryt telling me the danger of it but i already new and i belive in my heart that it was god will and and i told her this and i told her if for some reason that i did not come out of it then it was god will i had a lot of people that did not like it because they did not belive in losing weight this way , people could not understand thst it was for health reason so for 15 month i was all lone no one to talk to or to share any thing with i could not go to those that had it done for help as they where not doing the right thing and that is no good to me where i live their was no support group nothing and i could not say what i was going though with those that did not have the surgery because they would not understand and still dont so i kept it all in  i would go up to the hospital to see a nurse on the floor that i was on to let her know how i was doing she told me to keep in touch and i did that i kept going back and three month ago she told me about the obestyhelp and told me what to do i also fround out at that time they would be starting up a support group and it nice to see the people that are going to have the surgery  i go once a month but i find it hard to say anthing because of haveing no one iin fact at the last meeting i gave out my number and email to some and still not heard from anyone i am not giving up hpoe may be in time my home town will come around so i join obesityhelp i did not know what to expect so i thank you all for your post and support and your friend ship and i thank that nurse for telling me about obesityhelp i went to see her last week  to tell her about my profile she was not there so i left a note but ialso fround out she will beno longer the nurse on 4 centrel her new job will be the head of the gastric bypass support group getting it all togther  when i read all of your profile it realy lifted me up to see all the support for each other and to see all of your health improving and it tell my heart that i did the right thing and know that iam not alone and to know that i can get good ideal from all of you  i wanted to share this with all of you ,you all have alot of good imput and i like the way that you have away with word in what you want to be and know  and that is why i have ask you to be my friends  thank you  Ila

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The beginning of my story:
December 5, 2006 11:18 am
As you all know, I am tone deaf and hard of hearing in both ears.  I was born with it and was in a specal  class.  I went from school to school it and that was hard for me as a kid I had to learn to talk as i could not talk .most of my life i have been made fun of and called name all beacuse of my hearing loss.     I also went from doctor to doctor to find out what was wrong.  My Mom & Dad found a Doctor in Syracuse, NY and that is how we found out about my hearing loss.  I did finish high school with my sister Twila.  That was my wish and it was accomplished with allot of hard work on my part due to my hearing loss.  Things don't always come out the way I want them to I get myself in a jam some times.  It 's also hard for me to understand some things and I have to ask what it means.  I have a wonderful husband and two girls and one step son.  I have been married for 26 years, going on 27 years in April.  Six years ago my marriage almost ended but the good Lord brought us back together.  We both go to church two times a week.  

I have 3 wonderful grandchildren that are my life.  I have 5 sisters and 3 brothers.  I have a brother that had bypass surgery and he did good for awhile.  I watch him get sick because he does not follow his diet.  At that time, I said I would never have bypass surgery.  That was 15 years ago.  Then my sister had the same surgery and she did good.  That was 9 years ago.  When I was putting the weight back on, I said to myself, everyone'd not the same afterwards.  It changed my way of thinking.  I also have a sister that had the lap band procedure done and she also did good for awhile.  Some of her weight came back on.  At this time, I was at the end and I knew that I needed to do something.  Therefore, I had the RNY procedure in September of 2005.  I weighed in at 268 lbs.  I wanted to look like my sister did but I learned that I have to be me.  I know that it was God's will to have the surgery.  For a year I prayed about it and the day came to have it done.  It was the best day of my life.  My husband and my best friend ,her name is Betty and she is our Spuritual mom,  were more scared than I was.  My surgery was 5 hours.  I became scared when I kept geting sick and I had a fever.  My heart was racing and Dr. Oh called the floor every hour to see how I was.  I don't know what caused the fever or my heart to race.  I know the pain medications made me sick.  I kept talking to God for his healing and I made a promise to God, that afterwards I would pick up the kids and bring them to church.  I am still doing that.  I have learned that it takes work on my part daily.  Just like my hearing, one day at a time is not easy.  No, I am a fighter and can say now, that my brother is doing good.  He is back on his diet and my sister is working on geting the weignt off by going to the gym. as of to day 12/28/06 my sister has lost 60lb 

Today I am down to 164 lbs.  My goal was  to get  to get the weight off so that i could breath better and walk with out being of breath and for my back not to give out alot than my goal was to get into a size14 be fore a friend got married and the best goal was to go danceing    with my husband before i had surgery on my knee and of couse after the wedding witch was in august and i went dance with my husband for the frist time in 8 year and i did get into a size 14dress for the wedding now   today my goal is to get down150 lbs.and to perfence having to have knees replacement so early in my life  I was never a big person growing up.  It was after I had my girls and my hysterectomy that I put on the weight.  I have learned never to say never.  Even today, it gets hard for me because of my hearing and not being able to work out like I want to so I gress walking is better than northing and    not having the support I need from my surgery.  I thank God for the board post and my family.
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My Story

moat of the life iwas never big  came from family of nine and my some of my family were big i have alway said iwill not be big as  igot marrid had two girls  andt  he came on i got up to 250lb couldnt get into my clothes this in1980 only 24 year old  iwas so ashame of my self os i set a goal to get it off  by working out  ouoing on a diet and in one yaer i got down to 150lb was proud of myself tnen one  ihad to have a hysterectomy my doctor told me the weight would come back on i didnt belive him  i was a nurse aid at auburn hospital i got hurt  it set me back was not able to work out much i strated to gain my weight back little by little then in1995 i got hit from behind at a stop light hurt my neck and lower back  after that it all came back in the mean time by brother had the gastric bypass by dotor oh i saidi would never have it done iwould live with it but it was getting hard for me to do anything i was not happy the way iwas then my sister in va had the same surgey done i see how it change thier life for the better  but iwas still not going to do it that way itay diet pill after  diet pill all the diet i could try  i was geting really down i started thinking maybe i should have the gastric bypass i would pray to god for his answer and tlak to my family about it for a year the answer came from god i needed i went to doctor oh to see if i could have it done i had to wait four mo before i culd have it done that how long it took the ins to aprove it os sept 30 2005 i had my surgey done by doctor oh 15 mo latter i hve lost 103 lb still working at it my goal is to get back down to 150 lb like i was before but i have learn never say never for the frist time in 8 year i begain to feel like my self and could not have done it with out my family and friend and the good lord by my side and staying away from all the bad talk that people may say  it was the best thing i ever done  one day at a time as my doctor   say the suregery will not work my it self i would have to work at it also for the suregy to be scesses that my story ila