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David Suh
Very professional with excellent credentials. Staff very helpful. Excellent aftercare. He has 4 organized support groups within 40 miles of my home. Rate him as an excellent surgeon. Surgical competence is better than his bedside manner. He answers questions, but is no very chatty--sticks to business.
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  • Comment by Dave Chambers 7/4/08 8:54 am
    It's now been over 2 years since surgery --today is July 4, 2008. I've made it to Onderland (where you weigh under 200 pounds) and I've also succeeded in losing over 150 pounds on my RNY journey. Simple routine exercise, eating right, taking good vitamins, paying attention to lab results to see if you need additional vitamins, and attending support group meeting on a regular basis--these are the needed ingredients for my weight loss, and probably yours. DAVE
  • Comment by Dave Chambers 11/15/07 12:33 am
    I find that attending support group meetings an essential element for this surgery. I made good progress after surgery, attending meetings once a month. Then I "got lazy", and stopped going. In 5-6 weeks, I regained 22 pounds. That was my wake up call, and I begain attending meetings again. Eating properly, taking your supplements (I take calcium and the GBG Multi Formula Liquid Vitamin), routinely exercising, and attending group support meetings to be the proper "recipe" for success with surgery. I've lost that 22 pounds, and am down to 210 pounds now, the same weight I was when I got married in 1967, some 40 years ago. DAVE
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ragdolldude's Blog
ragdolldude's Blog

Dried peas the high protein snack food.

posted 6/21/08 12:21 pm
Dried peas has 6 grams of protein per 1/4 cup. Crunchy, slightly salted, no refrigeration, no sugars, 13% of daily fiber, no cholesterol either.  Photos, nutritional data and easy ordering from . This is one of the best snack foods for bariatric patients.  There is also a comparion chart on this web site, comparing dried peas to wasabe peas in regards to nutrional values.

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