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reachinghigher4u's Blog
reachinghigher4u's Blog

frustrated over the mounting costs

posted 5/4/10 10:27 pm
I've been depressed the past two days because I'm looking at my insurance and the costs that are adding up on just a few appointments. I think the biggest thing is that each and every time I walk into the Dr's office they are charging me 0 PLUS the Dr's fee of just under 0.  I've reached my out of pocket deductible (00) and my biggest concern is that they are going to want each balance paid in full before I come back each month for my physician assisted WL appointments. I also, in addition to the insurance deductibles, need to finish saving for the program fee of almost 00 which is out of pocket expense.

I'm stressed over it and perhaps I need not be, but I am. Money is always a stress for a majority of people and even more so with me. I have financial obligations to my family to help either my Dad or my Gram with prescription costs along with the cost of my own prescriptions. Anyhow, I started looking at various things I have around the house that would bring in some relatively decent money if I sold them. I'm just afraid I'm not going to have the money I need to have this done.

Sorry, I just needed to vent and I'm sure I'll make it through this struggle somehow

hope everyone is doing well in their own journey and enjoying some of this warmer weather, now that Spring has finally sprung!

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