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reachinghigher4u's Blog
reachinghigher4u's Blog


posted 6/18/10 9:01 am
PFT - check & cleared
Ultrasound - check & cleared
Pulmonologist - check & cleared
Nutrition assessment - check & cleared
2nd appointment for mandatory Physician assisted - check
Psychological Evaluation - check & cleared
Cardiologist - check & cleared

Sleep test - July 3rd
follow up with Pulmonologist on sleep test results - July 15th
Endoscope - July 20th
3rd and FINAL appointment for the mandatory Physician assisted weight loss for Aetna - Aug 10th
EKG (another) - TBA
Chest Xray - TBA
Optifast - TBA
Various blood work ups - TBA

and thennnnnn

Surgery date - TBA but think it will be Sept or Oct

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