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Surgeon Testimonial

Daniel Gagne
If you are in the Pittsburgh area looking for a WLS surgeon, there is no one better than Dr. Daniel Gagne. He is truly a great dr!. I had no major problems and feel great. My surgery was 3/25 and I am so glad that I chose him.

He is a stickler about food choices and really reads your food journals to make sure you are making the effort to change your diet.

He wants to continue seeing you post op- forever! He really supports you through the entire process.

I highly recommend Dr Gagne for RNY.
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Rebecca_B's Blog
Rebecca_B's Blog

My 6 month Surgiversary and dr check-up...

posted 9/30/10 1:55 am
...was fantastic!  Dr. Gagne was very pleased with my success to date. 

I am down 101.4 lbs. since surgery day.
I am working out 5 days a week.
My bloodwork was all good.  My A1C is down to 4.9% from 6.1 (with medication.)  I haven't been on any medication since I left the hospital!
I am down six pant sizes and 4 top sizes!!

The only "complaints" I have are my hair loss and loose skin.  Both of these will resolve themselves in time.  I am not going to worry about them currently.  It is what it is.

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