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RoadlinerLaura's Blog
RoadlinerLaura's Blog

October 8 Thoughts

posted 10/8/11 2:16 pm
Today I talked to my husband about my options for weight loss surgery.  I explained all three... he wonders why I can't just limit certain foods, or amounts and just do it myself.  I think the idea of surgery really skeeves him out.  I've had 30 years of gaining 50, loosing 50.. and never taking off that "other" 50 that I needed to.  I'm tired of being embarassed at how I look, tired of being embarassed someone takes a picture of me, sick and tired of hating to get dressed each morning.  All done with hating the reflection I see in the mirror.  "Is this really me?"

Anyway, in tears I said something I think is pretty profound.  This will be my "prior to surgery" statement on how I feel. 

I said.... "If I were to die on the operating table, I would be in a happier place than I am today".

That... says it all!

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