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Surgeon Testimonial

David Podkameni M.D.
My first impression of Dr Podkameni was that he was very knowledgable & experienced. Over time, I found him to be strict but communicated very welll with me, and I could even joke with him some. Some members of his staff have had bariatric surgery (nurses & the dietician, Donna) so they know what they are talking about because they have lived it.

I found it odd that he didn't care about taking labs since it was June when I had pre op labs but my surgery didn't happen until November. Also, I found him to be overly structured and strict at times, but I am a person who likes to test

There is a lot of support with the Banner Gateway Bariatric program, ranging from pre op to post op support groups. They even have a clothing exchange program!

The thing that I am most impressed with Dr P is that he is thorough, methodical, and careful with his patients. During my surgery, he found a benign tumor on my liver, and repaired a hiatal hernia I didn't even know I had! Afterwards, when I had some nausea, dry heaves, and a bad rebound headache (probably from the pain meds), he gave a combination of meds thru the IV that took care of all three problems. That made the difference in me having to stay an extra day or not. (I got to go home as scheduled.)
Member Interests
  • Cats - I have 5 cats...My husband wishes we only had 2 or 3...
  • Museums & Art Galleries - I love the Getty & the Getty Villa! I have been to the Smithsonian National Art
  • Walking - I am glad we have spring & fall in the year so I can be outdoors!
  • Computer Games - I am addicted to Frontierville on Facebook!
  • Movies - Always ready to for a movie! I love vintage movies from the 1940's.
  • Flowers - My favorites are lilacs and gardenias...
  • Scrapbooks - This is an extension of my love for old family photos & genealogy.
  • Cooking & Baking - I love cooking when I am feeling healthy!
  • Swimming - We have a pool and I look forward to swim season!
  • WLS in your 40's - I will be about 43 when I have my sleeve gastrectomy Nov 16th.

sedonagirl67's Journey

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Describe your behavioral and emotional battle with weight control before learning about bariatric surgery.
I felt like I was weak and couldn't lose weight because I wasn't disciplined enough. I had accepted that I would be a "big girl" for the rest of my life. It took several years to get there but I never felt picked on...just didn't have any energy...and I don't think I realized how much more I was eating than "normal" people. I always felt hungry...
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  • Comment by theresam74 11/16/10 7:44 am
    Good luck, my prayers are with you.
  • Comment by peyton88 11/16/10 2:20 am
    I've enjoyed reading your pre-op blog! I wish you all the best with your surgery and post-op journey! Get ready for the ride of your life!!
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sedonagirl's Blog
sedonagirl's Blog

Time to Shake Things Up!

posted 4/30/11 1:56 am
I have been sitting at 202.5 for several days now and am tired of playing this know, the plateau game your body plays when it likes the weight you are sitting at...  We all experience it, the "I'm comfortable" feeling the body sends out because it's tired of dropping poundage.  I do believe that we are either losing pounds or inches, but any time I sit at a weight for more than 3 -5 days without any movement, I feel like my body is pulling the "I'm comfortable" thing on me.  That's when I start trying a variety of things (many times, all at once) to shake things up. 

Here is a list of the different things I try...(in order that I try them)

1.  Reducing carbs to below 40 (and getting it as close to 20 as I can).  The way I count carbs is subtracting fiber grams from total carbs.  That's it....nothing more, nothing less (although there are many ways of "counting" carbs I have been told.)  The easiest way is to eat more meat and less of everything else.

2.  Increase fluids/water.  I go thru times where I am only getting the minimum fluids of about 56 - 64 oz a day.  I try to increase that to 96 - 100+ oz so that I am flushing out the waste better.  Sometimes, replacing my fruity diet drinks with actual plain water helps too.

3.  Increase protein and calories.  It's easy to stay at that low end of the requirements so sometimes I push for more, then the body doesn't "hoard" so much.  I try to push my 60 grams to 80+ in the protein department, and my 500 - 600 calories to 800 - 900 calories.  Adding more fat into the diet (such as a TBS of heavy whipping cream in your protein shake) can help you get there.

4.  Increase my activity level.  Sometimes, exercise is what I need to beat the comfort zone...  More time walking or even doing those lunges & leg exercises helps a lot.  Sometimes, running in spurts instead of walking, helps.

5.  Being vigilant on my vitamin intake (and maybe popping an extra one).  Some days I rely too heavily on the ready made protein sources that have added vitamins, which lulls me into thinking I don't need to take my multivitamin & supplements.  The chalky taste of my bariatric vitamin (which sometimes makes me nauseous) can be easy to "forget" so I also keep gummy multi's around which taste better but have more carbs.  I even have a liquigel vitamin which I would rather take at times.  If you can't tell, I get bored with my vitamins (very ADHD with this) so I keep a variety of formats around.

6.  If I have still gone more than a week without losing anything on the scale, I have found that upping the carbs (i.e. having a free carb and/or calorie day or weekend) can be a wonderful, surprising way to get the scale moving again.  I'm not sure if it's the actual carbs/calories or the fact that I just went with the flow and relaxed.  The last time I did this, I dropped 1.5 pounds overnight.  It may not work for everybody but it works (at times) for me.

I can't sustain any of these methods for long periods of time so I usually just do extras until I feel my body weight is moving again.  I will be the first to say that what works for me won't work for everyone, but the main point is to shake up whatever habits have gotten your body into the comfort zone so that it wakes up & starts metabolizing again. 

Happy weight loss journey!

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