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Alberto Aceves
My first impression of Aceves was he is a kind-mannered professional, ready to educate me on the journey and risks with a soft kind voice. I trusted him before I met him and he more than fulfilled my expectations as my surgeon, even unwrapping my legs for me after my surgery while we chatted and putting my slippers on for me. Campos was just as happy to educate and help out, and hung out with us on our laptops for a bit in the hospital since there was no one else to talk to during my stay. The anesthesiologist explained everything he was going to do during my surgery, and I don't remember a thing from the first IV injection. The staff was impeccable, giggling with me and helping me as soon as I needed anything, I had no later infections. The hospital is scrubbed everywhere at least three times a day due to it being owned by doctors. The aftercare is so emphasized it was like being trained for a new life as you heal, with an online nurse emailing me daily with reminders. My incisions are very small and healing fast, they take every pain precaution and make every decision based on patient safety. I rate my surgical team and hospital Almater very highly. 9.5/10!
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3 months out, 50lbs gone.

posted 11/13/10 8:46 am
I found that losing weight quickly really threw my system into hormonal overdrive and am constantly working to keep it a good pace. Even if I lose control I still lose weight, though. Right now my body wants a small meal every 4 hours, but sometimes I forget.

I currently can't afford to go to the gym, so I use my elliptical and weights at home :/

I feel great though!
I went from 21 pants to 13s. !!
My boobies havent shrunken much either!

I feel so lucky to feel so healthy, but I do have acid problems that need to be kept in check. If I forget to take an AC there's this one raw spot that's trying to heal in the upper tummy that, when food gets stuck, makes me whine in pain for a minute. :/
So I'm keeping on top of that. D:!!

After an ultrasound last month I still have symptoms of PCOS and was told to stay on Metformin. I'm okay with that, we'll see how it goes the more I lose.
My horrid food cravings I get each month are no longer horrid :) ...but I still have facial hair >:L.

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