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Sirene's Blog
Sirene's Blog

Les Mills' Body Pump

posted 12/4/12 9:40 pm

I love running.

Now though, I think it's time to ramp up my workout routine and try out a fitness class.

I found a freebie class so I figured hey, what have I got to lose??

I checked out my local Goodlife gym and went in for one of those Les Mills Body Pump classes. I was pretty terrified before going in because I haven't been to the gym in a while and if you have read my previous blogs, you will see that I haven't exactly had the best experiences! And if you watch it online...yikes!!!

The reception dude was very nice and helped me set up my "station". I kept thinking, "why do I need a station"? The online  demo online didn't say anything about a 'station'!! First panic moment because I feel like I am not prepared now and dont know what I am getting myself into!!

It was really just getting your step/bench and weights all prepared and ready to go. So here I am, ready to go, trying to melt into the background and be invisible like every other time I have ever been in a gym....feeling terribly self conscious and feeling like everyone is looking at the fat chick in the room. Second panic moment because I feel like the center of Fat Universe and everyone has a telescope....

The instructor has a microphone thingy on and is standing on a little platform in front and doesn't she call me out just as the class is starting. "Let's welcome Jennifer!!" and everyone turns to looks at me. I smiled and waved and wanted to die....everyone seemed very pleasant though and just interested in starting the class.

I did feel self conscious, but not nearly as bad as a year and a half ago. I could still feel the weight of every scrap of saggy skin and the unsightly melted candle look around my middle section felt like it was SO OBVIOUS to everyone in the felt like I was wearing a flourescent coloured pool noodle like a hula hoop that screamed, "Look at me! I am huge!!"

But as I glanced in the mirror to see how red my face had gotten, lo and behold, I looked pretty much like everyone else!


I wasn't much (if any) fatter than anyone else in the room!! As a matter of fact, I will even venture as far to say that there were people in the room bigger than me. (Do you know how hard it was to type that??) Of course, I was going to be the only one with really low weights and who probably couldn't do most of the exercises though, right? Because I was new and these people were regulars?


I managed the whole class!! With WEIGHTS!! Ya they were low weights but I didn't have to drop them halfway through, and some people did. Not to criticize them at all was freakin hard and it would be very easy to misjudge how much weight you think you could manage. 800 reps throughout the entire class??? That is verging on insane levels!! And BOY am I feeling it today!!!

The instructor was great; very encouraging and kept an eye on me like she said she would. She called me out a few times, saying I had good form or asking how I was doing etc and was glad I was still smiling halfway It was a really fun class and I am definitely going back on Friday.

Hopefully, by then, I will be able move my arms again ;p



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