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Sirene's Blog
Sirene's Blog

Officially over 40!

posted 2/12/13 10:11 pm

My birthday was last week and I am now officially OVER 40!! I just turned 41

It's so funny how, when you are young and in your 20s, 40 seems so old and far away. Now that I am in my 40s, I, 20 seems like just yesterday!

People have asked me if I would like to go back to being 20 again.....

Not in a million years.

Yes I was young but that was it. I certainly wasn't healthier than I am now....certainly not more fit than I am now. And certainly not happier than I am now!

I would never trade youth for this feeling of power and control I have over my life now. This feeling of wisdom that comes not necessarily from age by itself, but from having LIVED through things that brought me to this place.

I can honestly say, despite the cliche, that my life began at 40. I am happily and eagerly looking forward to the NEXT 40!!

This is a picture of me today, looking (I think) and feeling better than ever!!

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