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William Johnson
Dr. Johnson was wonderful. I will admit that I had a few concerns about the fact that he looks like he is about 18 but I couldn't have asked for a better doctor! He has a wonderful personality and seems to really care about you! I would highly recommend him to anyone!
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slholly's Blog
slholly's Blog

Century Mark

posted 12/2/08 2:21 am
I reached my century mark a few weeks ago.  What a wonderful feeling.  I have lost 108 lbs. at this point and would like to loose another 30 lbs or so.  I am starting to realize that the last 30 lbs or so will not be as easy as the first 108 have been.  I am going to have to really work for it!  I am walking on my treadmill every day and trying to run for part of the time.  I need to start to lift weights too but all I have right now is my kids.  I use them as weights to do curls.  Sounds silly I know but it works and they get a big kick out of it too.  My youngest is like Jillian on The Biggest Looser when I think I can't keep going he just yells "MORE MORE, DO IT AGAIN!" at me. 

I also am finding that my eating habits are really not that good lately.  I'm not eating candy bars or anything like that and I still have not had a dumping episode (thank goodness!) but I munch on things that I really shouldn't like Christmas cookies from Kroger (they are technically under the 10 grams of sugar per serving that I am allowed to have but I know that I shouldn't eat them) and Pringles (those things are like crack!!!).  I tried buying the single serving ones so I wouldn't eat too many but I am starting to realize that I can't even have them around.  Christmas may be a little difficult with all of the yummy food and stuff that is always around. 

I pray that I won't allow myself to do anything that would cause me to gain weight back.  The thought of being so big again makes me want to cry.  It's like now that I know what it's like to feel good and have some confidence about myself again I don't want to go back!

That's all for now!  Have a wonderful Christmas!!!

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