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Batwings to be removed
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Have the skin removed from my thighs and legs
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Have all this skin removed....LOL
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Surgeon Testimonial

Douglas Olsen
I've been ill for a very long time. I live several hours away from Dr. Olsen, my last visit was in 2008 I did mention my gastric issues then, and they were dismissed. I just returned 2012, I've lost my job, my home and have been homeless for over 2 years. Dr Olsen was so cold to that fact and just said it's been hard for all of us. On a good note the dietician and group leader couldn't have been more compassionate and supportive. This has been the hardest think I've ever had to live through, or talk about. My regular doctor at home misdiagnosed me for 9 years. I was over medicated, over diagiagnosed, and lost everything because of it. I feel the compassion level is being lost as the amount of patients goes up. Am I wrong, or was it just a bad day for the both of us?
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  • Birds - Blue Paraket, TWINKLES
  • Cats - Just got a kitten, my daughter and I named him Felix.
  • Dogs - I have 2 mutts that I saved from death. Bear & Snappy are just big ole babies.
  • Writing - I would love to write a book someday.
  • Music - I listen to all types of music. I was in the marching band in high school.
  • Shopping, Bargain Hunting & Auctions - Did someone say shopping????? I'm there!!
  • Scrapbooks - I'm working on 3 different scrap books. Looks like a 4th is on its way.
  • Road Trips - Give me a long week-end and I'm on the road.

Latest Surgery Support Comments

  • Comment by Melissa S. 11/30/03 9:45 pm
    My prayers will be with you as you go through the surgery and recovery. May your strength be restored; your recovery be swift and your tender heart be renewed.
  • Comment by AntiqueAngel 11/28/03 12:00 pm
    Rachel, I will be thinking of you on 12/02/03. May God keep you in his hands during your surgery. Keep a positive spirit and you will find peace within yourself to make it through your journey.
  • Comment by janni 11/28/03 6:46 am
    Good luck with your surgery. Remember to walk as soon as possible. It'll help, a lot! See you on the losing side!
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 I smile like this almost everyday now. I've lost 212 pounds that have been holding me back for years, well decades now.
I was obese from the age of 11, and it took Gastric Bypass to change my life.

I'm the same person, only able to see my feet!!! ( and they don't hurt all day!!!)


smiln60's Blog
smiln60's Blog

my real blog
March 13, 2013 11:13 am
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It's been ** 4 ** years now
January 13, 2008 9:20 am
 It's been 4 years now, and  my  total   weight  loss  is  212  pounds.
I  had  the  skin  removed  from  my  tummy for medical reasons.
I've  lost  22   sizes  in  clothes.
I  can  shop  anywhere  I want  to  now,  and  still  don't  believe  it  when  I  look  in  the  mirror.....  Is  it  really  me????

My  plastic  surgeon  just  used  a  picture  of  me  standing  in  one  leg  of  my  old  pants, at  a  presentation.........tears  came  to  my  eyes!!!!
I  am  enjoying  my  new  life.

Good  luck  to  you  on  your  journey.

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December 1, 2006 10:59 pm

I'd been over weight for 35 years, and now weight what I weighted when I was 10 years old. 
My life isn't perfect, but my body feels fantastic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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My Story

I knew it was time when the scales hit 348 pounds. I could no longer see me feet, bend over to tie my shoes, I would tie them and then force them on my swollen feet. I could work my 8 hour day, then fall into bed to be ready for the next day. I could walk from the car to the store, but hiking was not something I could do. My back would ache on a daily basis. My BMI was 52, Super Morbidly Obese, I didn't know of such a term until then.

I have 3 collapsed disc in my lower back, and the pain was horrible. My back doctor (of 19 years ) wanted to do a fusion.....but I was determined to lose weight first. He tried to talk me out of the gastric bypass surgery and he believed my back and my pain level would not permit me to make it through the recover time. 

I went to see him (just for fun) about a month ago, he didn't know me...... Now that was exciting!!! I had an old photo to show him, then he knew who I was. The man that treated me for 19 years didn't have a clue who I was, LIFE IS FUN AGAIN!!!!