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Constantine T. Frantzides
Dr. Frantzides... well you just can't say enough about him. He is truely a wonderful and caring man/doctor. He's very straight foward and honest. He listens and is concerned with his patients. It's been 16 months since my surgery and i've lost 113lbs. I feel really good and am so thankful that I found Dr. Frantzides. The most amazing thing about this doctor is how he truely cares about his patients and that is an awesome thing. He's staff is very kind, understanding and helpful as well. Both surgical competence and bedside manner are wonderful..on a scale of 1 - 10 I'd definately give him a 10!!! Thank you so much Doctor for all that you have done for me and are still doing for me. You're a god sent.

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Stacie2's Blog

Start of My Journey

posted 10/18/08 3:49 am
Well today is the 18th of October. My surgery is scheduled for the 22nd. I've totally stopped smoking. It's been a week and a half since i've had a cig. I'm hoping I won't start again after surgery but i've smoked since i've been 13. Getting a little nervous. I'll be starting my lovely liquids only on the 20th. I'm thinking I might even start tomorrow. I have changed my eating alot already. I've been drinking lots of water and doing the broth thing already. Alot of people are nervouse about me having the surgery. More nervous than I am. My kids really aren't to excited that I'm having it done, well my 2 oldest anyways. They, I believe are scared because I had a very close friend that died after having the surgery. But I am excited and I can't wait to start feeling better and I just keep thinking over and over how nice it will be when my knees stop hurting from carrying all this wait. I will try and post up to the day of surgery. God Bless To ALL.

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