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Ravindra Mailapur
Dr. Mailapur has been awsome to work with during this process. I decided in May of 2006 that I wanted to pursue having the Roux en Y surgery and attended Dr. Mailapur's seminar for more information. From the first time I shook his hand I knew he would be my surgeon of choice. He has been very thorough in explaining every detail of the surgery, and in answering every question my wife and I had. His care has been nothing short of perfect and I would do it all again today. I am just over 2 weeks post-op as of this writing and could not feel better about my decision...not only to have the surgery, but to have chosen such a wonderful surgeon. Thank you Dr. Mailapur for giving me my life back. I will be forever grateful.
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My WLS experience

Taking the good with the bad
April 28, 2007 2:00 pm
This has been an interesting week.  I have lost down to 295 which is great (66 pounds since surgery).  But I have had problems eating this week.  Not sure of the issue.  I can only eat very small amounts of any food before I get a really full sensation...almost too full.  Not much pain, just pressure.  It has seriously hampered my ability to eat enough protein.  But I am feeling great otherwise and I am hopeful that this is a temporary setback.  If it continues for another day or so I am calling the doctor.  
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Bye, bye 300!!!!
April 18, 2007 8:50 pm
If the scales are right, I have see the last of the 300's...299 and falling!  What a fantastic feeling to know that I will never again weigh in the 300's.  Still eating well for the most part.  Enjoying Stouffers meals lately.  Yesterday tried the baked chicken with mashed potatoes...20 grams of protein and only 225 calories....and I was stuffed.  

Trying to find some new clothes on "skinny" clothes look really funny on me now, and my fat clothes...let's just say I'm moving on.  

My goal to be down 100 pounds by my birthday is right on's been 65 days since my surgery and I'm down 62 pounds...only 38 to go to reach 100.  What an incredible thing this surgery is.
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Best weekend in years
April 15, 2007 5:29 pm
Had a great weekend.  Friday night, took my two boys to a football game (our community has an Arena Football 2 team).  I fit in the seat at the civic center for the first time in 10 years.  Had 2 bites of a hot dog and a few bites of popcorn.  Saturday, went to see the movie "Blades of Glory".  The last time I went to this theater, I had to squeeze myself into the seat.  Not this time.  I was surprised how much room I had .  I told my wife I could not believe how big I must have been.  What a great feeling.  Tonight, I ate scallops, rice and 2 bites of a cheddar bay biscuit.  

9 weeks post op and down 58 pounds.  Feeling great.  Why did I wait so long to have this life-changing surgery? 
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2 months post op - down 55 pounds
April 12, 2007 6:17 pm
What an amazing 2 months.  55 pounds lighter, 6 inches gone from my waist, BP now at 114/73 without meds, resting heart rate down from the 90's to 59 at last check, sleep apnea gone, engery level up.  So what is the negative side to all of this?  I still have cravings for certain things that I can't have right now.  Harder to find food to eat.  Having to find clothes that don't fall off.  I'm sure there are other things, but all in all this is the best decision I could have ever made for myself.  

Today was interesting as far as food goes.  I have been drinking the Atkins shakes for breakfast each morning.  I took a late lunch so I could see my son Ryan's pre-school class' musical performance and had to grab some food on the road.  Went to Wendy's and got the 5 piece chicken nuggets and small chilli.  Was able to eat all 5 nuggets and saved the chilli for later in the afternoon.  Felt good to get that much food in today...the more protein the better.  

My goal is to be down 100 pounds by my birthday on July 31.  That would put me at 261 pounds.  Wish me luck!
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I finally fit in the seats at the ballpark!!
April 7, 2007 12:00 pm
Went to see our double A minor leage baseball team play last night, and was very pleased that, even though I had on a heavy coat, that I fit in the seat!  Not only that, but enjoyed a hamburger, sans bun.  It was the first time I have really enjoyed going to something like that in many years.  

Enjoyed the local support group meeting Thursday night and got some good ideas on increasing my protein intake.  I am definately not getting enough.  Going to try the Isopure at GNC.  Hopefully I can get my intake up soon.  Unfortunately, I am only 8 weeks out and having to suppliment with protein shakes (yuk!).  Oh well, it's not forever.

Happy Easter!
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